I work as a freelance model, having many experience in different types of commisions.

*  Fitnessmodel   *  commercial  *  TV hosting  *  runway  *  bikini shoots  *  casual/fashion shoots

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€ 50
per lesson
  • 1 person   € 50
  • 2 people   € 35 each
  • 3 people   € 25 each
  • Online (skype)  €40

For modeling and fitness competitions i have many experience to be on stage. Both are very different and alike at the same time. All have the same thing in common and that is : attitude, self-awareness, confidence, sex-appeal. learning this is not only good for when you go on stage or on the runway, but it also helps you in daily life. to be more confident and aware of how you want to represent yourself.  exactly that is what i’m good at and can help you find yours.