About Nikita Ramona

Hi there, my name is Nikita Ramona, born in Curacao (Netherlands-Antilles) but raised in the Netherlands. my passion is:

  • sports – the challenge and rush feeling you get from it.
  • Travel – See the world and learning from other cultures.
  • Art – I see each person as their own unique piece of art, You can translate this to physical, health, skills and knowledge. From each person we can learn something new.

From the moment I can walk I have practiced many different sports: gymnastics (amateur level), horse riding (professional level), kitesurfing (amateur level, handball (professional level) and fitness (professional level). You can say sports I in my blood. My personal skill and mission is to train and develop the mindset so it will reflect on the physical possibilities. This can be for athletes to improve their opportunities, skills and physical strength, but also for people (women) who are in a deep valley and need guidance to find their way back and go beyond. Put yourself first so opportunities have a change to unfold.

Sadly a lot of (specially women) people put themselves on the 2nd place, it’s who we are: nursering and taking care of others, or the pressure of having the wrong people around you and being afraid of what others may think, can and will get the best of you. But who told you that you can’t do all of that and still put yourself first. Who will take care of you? It breaks my heart to see that the happiness of those (women) people are in the hands of someone/something else. Because of that a lot of potential is lost. Does it feel selfish to it yourself first? Mostly it does, but if you don’t put yourself at the first place, who else will? Pure happiness begins and always comes from yourself. You can only SHARE your happiness with others, but only if you own that happiness.

I’ve had to learn this the hard why, Do to a mental abusing relationship. Everything was about him and his happiness, even so much that I broke myself completely mentally and physically . I didn’t record nice the girl in the mirror, so skinny, pale and empty. I was only capable of sharing a broken feeling, giving other stress and worry If I would be alright, Nobody wants that.

Now spacious 4 years later I developed myself so much ( in education & practical) that I can share my experience and knowledge to help others find their path.  Weather you’re In your spring period or winter period of your life, I can help you grow beyond that. After all we all deserve to be our own summer. Unless you like the winter…(joke), but even then with the shunshine in our face, fearless.

1 step is to improve your physique and health, to make sure you will feel much better in your own skin. During this transition you will grow mentally, it’s all one big package. Be happy and proud of who you’re looking to in the mirror and reflect that powerful energy on everything else in your daily life, like: love, family, sports, career or power for a total change. I will guide you step by step true your life changing process. It’s never to late.


Online Lifestyle Coaching
Hi, I can help you reach your personal goals.
(accessible worldwide)

* Nutrition: in a flexible way - It's a lifestyle not a diet
* Mindset: With the right mindset and focus, sky is the limit
* Training: personalized to your needs and goals.

Nikita Ramona
Online Lifestyle Coaching
Skill Trainer
hi, Together we will guarenteed succeed.

type of trainings: * Personalized skill training * Functional
* Strength * For professionals
possibility: * personal training * DUO-training * small-group.
(available for adult & kids)

Nikita Ramona
Skill Trainer
Posing/Catwalk Coaching
Hi, I'm a posing & catwalk coach. (posing Queen)

* Competition posing: Bikinifitness, Wellness, Bodyfitness
* Catwalk: Fashionshows, perfomance, beauty peagants
* Personal presentation: improve presentation, attitude, self-confidence, personality

Nikita Ramona
Posing/Catwalk Coaching
Freelance Modeling
Hi, Freelance modelling with an diverse portfolio.

* Catwalk * shoots (sports, bikini, fashion, branding)
* commercials * acting * TV hosting
Open for bookings & collabarations

Nikita Ramona
Freelance Modeling
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